Friday, 20 May 2022
WorldKazakhstan will limit the export of grain and flour

Kazakhstan will limit the export of grain and flour

The Ministry of Agriculture of Kazakhstan introduces a restriction on the export of grain and flour, the press service of the department reports.

According to the report, by order of the Minister of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated April 16, 2022, quotas are introduced for the export of wheat and flour.

After the entry into force of the order until June 15, 2022, the export of wheat and flour will be carried out strictly within the approved quota volumes:

– for wheat and meslin – 1 million tons;

– for wheat or wheat-rye flour – 300 thousand tons.

At the same time, the Ministry of Agriculture reported that goods placed and released under the customs export procedure in accordance with customs legislation before the day the order is put into effect are subject to unhindered export from the territory of Kazakhstan.

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