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WorldKenya: Sect leader charged with deaths of 430 people

Kenya: Sect leader charged with deaths of 430 people

The Kenyan Prosecutor’s Office accused today Paul Mackenzie of involuntary manslaughterthe leader of the sect which, presumably, He would have persuaded almost 430 people to fast until they died to meet Jesus Christ, this in the south of the African country.

In a court in the coastal city of Mombasathe Prosecutor’s Office It took him more than four hours to read, one by one, the 238 counts of voluntary manslaughter against Mackenzie and 94 other co-defendants, some of whom also face terrorism charges, local media reported.

The suspects appeared before Mombasa Magistrate Alex Ithuku and Both the sectarian leader and his alleged companions pleaded innocent.

The Kenyan authorities are expected to Also accuse Mackenzie and dozens of his accomplices of torture and assaults against children, among other crimes, next February.

Mackenzie is the alleged perpetrator of what is known as the “Shakahola massacre”, in reference to the name of the forest in the coastal county of Kilifi where most of the near 430 corpses of his followersmany of them childrenin the middle of last year.

The sectarian leader persuaded the faithful of his church to fast until they died from overcrowdingunder the promise that in this way they would meet Jesus Christ.

Subsequent autopsies showed that, In addition to the traces of starvation on all the corpses, some also had signs of strangulation and asphyxiation.

Thus, police investigations indicate that the faithful were forced to continue fasting even if they wanted to abandon it.

Kenyan authorities arrested Mackenzie last April 14th and has been deprived of liberty with nearly thirty co-defendants.

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