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WorldKerala to Egypt-Sabith's Cycle Study Tour |

Kerala to Egypt-Sabith’s Cycle Study Tour |

Studied at the famous Al Azhar University in Egypt This is a trip to Ahmed Sabit College where Nath got admission. When Change to 20th October last year for the class commencing in October 2023 Sabit, who set out from Vananthapuram, has now traveled three quarters of a distance. Arrived in Qatar. What’s so special about a trip to Al Azhar… Yes, there is. .

This 22-year-old’s trip to Al Azhar is no ordinary college trip. Thr. Owned a bicycle from the country a year ago, for emergency purposes. He will travel to Qatar from where he left on a bicycle with strings and other things. It is becoming a history. After 10 countries and 15,000 km, I crossed the steps of Al Azhar next month. He is in a rush for it.​

Trip started from Thiruvananthapuram Karnataka, Goa, Mahara After traveling 2500 km through the states called Shtra, the rest reached Mumbai. Namargam was flying to Oman. From there to Muscat, the roads pass through the villages including Salalah. A host of friends including Turks, Malayalis and foreigners. Accepted and entered the UAE. Visited various emirates, reached Saudi Arabia and performed Hajj. The journey continued.

Later, he reached Qatar via Saudi route through Bahrain. In a few days, the road was paved with Lucille Stadium. Continue to cross the border to visit many parts of the country. It is proven. Now beyond Mecca and Medina, Jordan, Israel and Palestine begin. Egypt is entered through the Kingdoms.

Through big forests in Karnataka and burning in G.C.C. He traveled all over the desolate desert during his time. Bit’s journey.

Abdurahman Musliyar, a Bantawalukar of Mangalore, and He is the youngest of ten children of his mother. At an early age, religious studies and physical education in hostels and other Complete study and smart Holy Quran full heart He used to do it.

Experience of cycling in Kerala in January 2021 Yavuma is young enough for a journey that includes two continents and 10 kingdoms. Sabit says that it has been staged.

He found that he had the necessary funds for the trip. . During Ramadan, religious activities are held in many places, including mosques. Earnings from speaking engagements are included in those businesses. Kshepi found the amount required for the trip.

He shares his travel stories with the world on his YouTube page. As far as the various kingdoms that have taken possession of the people, the natives and friends and social media followers were all welcomed. Meanwhile, the promotion is introduced and the travel money is earned.

Sa makes the journey to higher education a unique experience. Bit. Each state is a journey through various experiences. After receiving the love of various natives, their lives were lost. A text book for continuing the journey with great lessons to read Sabit testifies that he knows chapters that are not in the knife.

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