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Kim Jong Un asks North Korean military to destroy South Korea-US if war breaks out


North Korean (North Korea) leader Kim Jong Un told his top military officers to use maximum force against South Korea and the United States (US) if the countries started a military confrontation. He asked his military not to hesitate to destroy North Korea’s enemies.

Reported AFPMonday (1/1/2024), at a meeting with North Korea’s top commanders in Pyongyang on New Year’s Eve 2024, Kim said his military must ‘annihilate’ the enemy if provoked.

“If the enemy chooses to carry out military confrontation and provocation against the DPRK, our army must deliver a deadly blow to completely annihilate them by mobilizing all the toughest means and potential without hesitation,” Kim said, as reported by North Korean state media, KCNA.



Kim’s comments reflected threats he made at a year-end party meeting regarding a nuclear attack on Seoul and orders to increase military arsenals to prepare for war that he said could “break out at any time” on the Korean peninsula. In the 2024 policy agenda-setting meeting, Kim also accused the US of posing ‘various forms of military threats’ to North Korea.

He also called on the armed forces to ‘pressure all areas of South Korea by mobilizing all physical means, including nuclear force’ if a ‘major event’ occurs. Kim said he would no longer seek reconciliation and reunification with South Korea citing an “uncontrollable crisis” that he said was fueled by Seoul and Washington.

South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol on Monday pledged to deter Pyongyang’s military provocations through an expanded joint deterrence system with Washington in the first half of 2024. Yoon said this deterrence system ‘will fundamentally deter North Korea’s nuclear and missile threats’.

In 2023, Pyongyang successfully launched a reconnaissance satellite, enshrined its status as a nuclear power in its constitution, and conducted tests of the advanced intercontinental ballistic missiles it has in its arsenal.

Pyongyang declared itself an ‘irreversible’ nuclear power in 2022 and has repeatedly stated that it will never give up its nuclear weapons program.

The UN Security Council has adopted numerous resolutions calling on North Korea to halt its nuclear and ballistic missile programs since Pyongyang first conducted a nuclear test in 2006. South Korea and the US have also held major military exercises after North Korea repeatedly tested ballistic missiles throughout 2023. .


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