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Kim Jong Un says he has no desire for diplomacy and repeats threat to destroy South Korea

SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — North Korean leader Kim Jong Un reiterated that he does not wish to engage in diplomacy with South Korea and that his country would annihilate its rival if provoked, state media said Friday, in the latest of his belligerent statements that increase tensions in the region.

On Thursday, in a visit to North Korea’s Defense Ministry, Kim said his recent moves to cut ties with South Korea allow his military to take a more aggressive posture “by ensuring the legality of attacking and destroying (Korea). of the South) when provoked.”

Kim Jong Un made these statements weeks after declaring before his acquiescent parliament that North Korea would abandon its goal of unification with South Korea and ordered a rewrite of its Constitution to consolidate its neighbor as its most hostile foreign adversary.

Since then, North Korea has closed government departments that handled affairs with the South Korean government, torn down a major unification monument and abolished laws governing previous economic projects with Seoul.

Experts say Kim’s attempts to recalibrate relations with the South Korean government, amid a wave of nuclear weapons tests aimed at neighboring rivals and the United States, are aimed at reducing Seoul’s voice and, in the future, force direct negotiations with Washington on the nuclear confrontation. Its long-term goal is to force the United States to accept the idea of ​​North Korea as a nuclear power and negotiate security and economic concessions from a position of power.

Other analysts say Kim may want to raise tensions with South Korea to maintain a sense of external threat to his population. Recently, Kim’s government has strengthened his campaigns to eliminate the influence of South Korean culture and language among his population, which he may see as beneficial to bolstering his country’s national identity and prolonging the family’s dynastic rule. of the.

In a pre-recorded interview with local television aired on Monday, South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol described the Kim government as “irrational” actors who are putting even more pressure on North Korea’s weakened economy by aggressively expanding North Korea’s stock of nuclear weapons and missiles. That country.

“We must keep this in mind as we prepare to counter their security threats or provocations, preparing not only for actions based on rational judgments, but also for actions based on irrational conclusions,” Yoon said.

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