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Koh Lanta, “The Immunity Hunters”: discover the date and candidates for the 2024 season

The next season of Koh Lanta will begin in February 2024 on TF1. The first channel has revealed the casting of its emblematic game and the keys to this 2024 season. We already know that it will be tough.

The iconic survival and adventure show Koh Lanta returns in 2024, with a new edition entitled “The Immunity Hunters”. The date as well as the casting of the game were revealed by TF1. The first meeting has been set for Tuesday February 13, at 9:10 p.m. on the first channel. And like every year for more than 20 years now, this new season of Koh Lanta promises to excite fans of the game, with innovations and new challenges, all under the presentation of the indestructible Denis Brogniart.

This year, immunity collars, the central pivot of the survival strategy in Koh Lanta, will be at the heart of the adventure. More numerous and endowed with new powers, they promise to overturn the certainties and strategies of adventurers. These precious assets will be hidden in unexpected places, requiring candidates not only bravery, but also a fine strategy to discover them thanks to clues to be won.

ALP production, the producer of Koh Lanta, also promises “between six and eight new events”. The candidates will notably be tossed around in a raft presented as “the fastest in history”, or will have to run a “Dantesque trek of two days in the rain, with a night test which will push the adventurers to their limits”.

The cast for this new season is made up of 20 candidates, 10 women and 10 men. Profiles of seasoned athletes will rub shoulders with big characters this year, each with a unique story, but also flaws which will undoubtedly spice up the game. Among the adventurers, a young 23-year-old business manager, recognized for her tenacity and her strong character, a director of restaurant operations driven by a competitive spirit, a telephone saleswoman and… former French bikini fitness champion!

On the men’s side, the diversity is just as striking. An ex-soldier, a former boxing champion who became the manager of a sports hall, two carpenters, but also a sales agent, a butcher, an electrical engineer, or an education assistant complete this cast all the same. well muscled.

The filming of Koh-Lanta took place in the Philippines as during the two previous editions. For about a month and a half, the candidates were immersed in nature, several hours from the first city and a five-hour drive from the nearest airport. The filming was not easy, the teams having been hit by a cyclone. The latter will even be mentioned on the air, since he is “one of the protagonists of the posts”. Production will not say more for the moment…

Program sheet

Koh-Lanta is an adventure game broadcast since 2001 on TF1. It was presented by Hubert Auriol for the first season. Since 2002, Denis Brogniart has been responsible for running the program. Several adventurers try to “survive” in precarious conditions on a desert island until the finale.

In this survival and strategy entertainment, several tests punctuate each episode and one candidate is eliminated by the other participants, until only five remain. The latter are then decided on two emblematic tests: orientation and poles, before the final vote. Since its inception, the game has seen numerous rule changes.

Koh-Lanta is generally broadcast twice each year on the first channel: a first season is broadcast at the beginning of the year until spring, a second at the end of summer. The game hosted by Denis Brogniart changed boxes a few years ago. First broadcast every Friday evening, it has now moved to Tuesday evening. the first episode of the 2024 season has thus been set for Tuesday February 13.

Twenty candidates are on the starting line for Koh Lanta each season. For the 2024 edition, their identity was revealed at the end of January, shortly before the start of the game’s broadcast on TF1. Whoever wins the final victory will pocket a check for €100,000. Find the portraits of the twenty candidates from this season of Koh Lanta above.

The name of the winner of Koh Lanta: “the Sacred Fire”, the latest edition of the game, was revealed during the final broadcast on TF1 on Tuesday June 13, 2023. Frédéric won this 2023 season, winning the jury votes final against Tania. He won 100,000 euros with his victory.

Each episode is available on television, live, but also live on the MyTF1 site, now TF1+, via tablet, computer or smartphone. The show is generally available for replay the next day on the site for a period of 7 days. Excerpts and unpublished videos are also offered.

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