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BusinessLabor launches aid for 80 million euros for innovative social economy projects

Labor launches aid for 80 million euros for innovative social economy projects

Yolanda Díaz presented this Wednesday the launch of the new call for the Comprehensive Plan to Promote the Social Economy, which will award 80 million euros in aid “to promote innovative projects” in this type of “sustainable and supportive” economy, highlights the Ministry of Labor and Social Economy. You can attend the call until next February 12.

The aid, which is part of the Strategic Project for the Recovery and Economic Transformation (PERTE) of the Social Economy and Care, and is intended “to launch projects of Social Economy entities, such as cooperatives, mutual societies, labor societies, insertion companies, special employment centers, fishermen’s guilds, or agrarian transformation societies,” explains the Ministry.

Aid from 10,000 euros to 3.5 million

The execution period of the projects is until June 30, 2025. The subsidies consist of a minimum amount of 10,000 euros and a maximum of 3.5 million euros per project (7.5 million euros per entity). and “they have been divided into five programs to be developed in at least two autonomous communities”, which the Ministry develops as follows:

  • #Transforma_ES for companies that need generational relief or help in business management.
  • #Initiative_ES promotes youth entrepreneurship or the consolidation of innovative projects from the Social Economy.
  • #Impulsa_TEC supports the technological modernization of Social Economy companies.
  • #Alianzas_ES stimulates network projects that offer new comprehensive services.
  • #Sustainable_ES supports the improvement of environmental, social and gender conditions.

“Promoting the Social Economy means betting on entities and projects that have added value. It is a different model of economics that is already a reality in our country, with a booming model that operates in a wide variety of sectors,” Díaz stressed.

In 2023 “this subsidy was granted to 44 projects of Social Economy entities for a total amount of 10.2 million euros,” indicates the Ministry.

Among other projects, the aid was intended for “the development of a platform to seek employment opportunities in companies and entities of the social economy” and for “cooperative groups from Madrid, Catalonia, Aragon and the Basque Country to join forces to promote housing cooperatives.” in transfer of use and in the field of renewable energies,” explained Yolanda Díaz’s department.

Valencia, capital of the Social Economy

In addition, the second vice president proposed this Wednesday the city of Valencia as the “new capital of the Social Economy” for this year, taking over from San Sebastián, which served as capital during 2023.

The choice of the Mediterranean city, which had presented its candidacy for the capital, is due to the “relevance that the Valencian social economy has as a sustainable and supportive economic model, generating employment and job opportunities for people in situations of social vulnerability. ”, explained the vice president.

Within her plan of 12 reforms for this legislature, Yolanda Díaz has also highlighted her intention to approve a “Comprehensive Law of the Social Economy”, as an instrument to “modernize” this type of projects and that will update three laws: that of cooperatives , that of insertion companies and that of the Social Economy.

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