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Le Pen or Bardella, who would make the best RN candidate for the 2024 presidential election?

She has experience and enjoys growing popularity. While Marine Le Pen once again made it known this Wednesday that she was preparing for 2027, in the polls, it is Jordan Bardella who shines. Enough to make him the next presidential candidate of the RN?

Visiting the Agricultural Show this Wednesday, Marine Le Pen indicated that she was preparing for the 2027 presidential election. “I was a presidential candidate three times, and perhaps, I am in the process of prepare for a fourth candidacy”, precisely declared the one who had already said 10 days ago, in the LCI program The Eventthat she would be “a candidate unless demonstrated otherwise”.

A “unless otherwise demonstrated” which remains vague. Will the good scores of his foal, Jordan Bardella, in the various surveys on the popularity of political figures among the French change the situation? The only politician present in the Top 50 personalities of the Sunday newspaper At the beginning of January, Jordan Bardella was most recently elected favorite political figure among 18-24 year olds. Better yet, on franceinfo, the director of the politics and opinion department at the Ipsos institute reported, again on Monday, that “Jordan Bardella is the personality under 45 who inspires the most confidence, ahead of Gabriel Attal”.

But the last twenty-four hours have slightly reshuffled the cards. During his visit to the Agricultural Show, Jordan Bardella defended the opposite of a proposal made for more than a decade by his party. Quickly, the about-face of the president of the RN on the establishment of “floor prices” on agricultural products destabilized even his own troops. At the microphone of BFMTV, an RN deputy well summed up the feeling shared by a certain number: “What I see is that there is one who is ready for the presidential election and another, not yet.”

But if Marine Le Pen appears to date more qualified than her foal, the fact remains that she is expected before the judges next fall in the case of the parliamentary assistants of the National Rally. And the verdict might not be as lenient as that reserved at the beginning of February for François Bayrou. Enough to finally leave a door open for Jordan Bardella…

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