Thursday, 21 September 2023
TechLenovo Reveals the Main Challenges of Digital Transformation in Indonesia

Lenovo Reveals the Main Challenges of Digital Transformation in Indonesia


Digital transformation is now a hot topic in many countries, including Indonesia. But obey Lenovo the process of digital transformation in Indonesia is still hampered by one big challenge namely cyber security.

According to Regional Managing Director of Lenovo Greater Asia Pacific Matt Codrington, digital transformation, especially for businesses, is no longer just an option but a necessity.

Codrington said companies or businesses that carry out digital transformation can increase their efficiency because company resources can be diverted to other, more important parts.

“Technology should be an enabler for all departments,” said Codrington in an interview with detikINET in Jakarta, Thursday (31/8/2023).

“Sales, marketing, HR, finance, all departments now have to rely on technology to build better capabilities, better efficiency, better engagement in the structure,” he continued.

Globally, Codrington said the biggest challenge to digital transformation is the changing expectations of consumers and markets. The Chief Information Officer (CIO) in charge of managing the use of IT in companies is also asked to always pay attention to this change.

On the same occasion, General Manager of Lenovo Indonesia, Budi Janto, revealed that the main challenge for digital transformation in Indonesia is cybersecurity.

Because of that, Lenovo also provides a range of solutions and innovations to help companies improve their cybersecurity and conducts webinars aimed at IT employees. This Chinese company also collaborates with a number of cybersecurity companies such as Sentinel One, Absolute, and Blancco.

“Until now, we have deployed more than 100,000 licenses for security software together with partners, more than 100,000 licenses,” said Budi.

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