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WorldLFT: When do they start depositing the bonus?

LFT: When do they start depositing the bonus?

December is about to arrive and with this last month of the year it is impossible not to think about the bonus, a benefit that is expected by millions of employees in Mexico.

The Federal Labor Law (LFT), in its Article 87, establishes that Workers in Mexico have the right to an annual bonus that must be paid before December 20 and equivalent to fifteen days of salary, at least.

Those who have not completed the year of serviceregardless of whether they are working or not on the date of settlement of the bonus, They will have the right to be paid the proportional part of the sameaccording to the time they have worked, whatever this may be.

That is to say, As such, there is no date stipulated in the law for the start of the delivery of the bonus, but there is a limit. There are companies in Mexico that begin to give part of the benefit since Novemberto collaborate with employees in El Buen Fin purchases, the Black Friday or the Cyber ​​Monday. In other cases, such as those of IMSS or ISSSTE pensioners, the benefit is also advanced.

Each company, as considered in its budget planning, begins to pay the bonus to its employees.

It is worth mentioning that the Federal Labor Law grants workers one year to claim payment of the bonus.counted from the day following the date on which this obligation is payable to the employer, provided that this benefit is not covered or has been paid incorrectly.

Where can I receive advice about the bonus?

If you have problems with the payment of the bonus, the Federal Labor Defense Attorney’s Office (Profedet) has free guidance services by calling 800 717 29 42.

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