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SportsLiga de Expansión MX: How did the Jalisco teams do this season?

Liga de Expansión MX: How did the Jalisco teams do this season?

Although in the First Division the Guadalajara teams entered the final phase of the Closure 2022, Chivas to the Repechage Y Atlas directly, in the Expansion League the story was totally the opposite, since of the three teams of Jaliscoonly the UdeG could get into the Big partybeing eliminated at the first change.

This contest turned out to be a failure for the teams of the silver division of Mexican soccer, and that is that none could obtain the title, as the group of Tepatitlan FC in it Guardians 2021. Now everyone stayed on the shore and watching the rest of the league By television.

The black lions They were the best Jalisco team in the MX Expansionupon reaching the Quarter finalshowever they were quickly eliminated by the whole of the atlantean with a global score of 4-1.

In the regular season, those led by Alfonso Sosa installed directly on the Big party having finished the contest in second place in the classification with 33 points, which made the entire university community dream, leaving a bitter taste that elimination at the hands of the iron ponies.

For its part, Tapatio and Tepatitlan they could barely get to Repechage, being eliminated in said instance. The rojiblancos fell at the hands of the Maroons 2-1; while the Alteños lost on penalties to Cancun F.C..

However, their tournaments were not bright enough to think that they could have done better. The subsidiary of Guadalajara fell resoundingly in the final part of the campaign after having been superleaders for much of the Closure 2022. At the end, Tapatio He finished in ninth position with 24 points.

On the other hand, the set of Jalisco Heights It was a set of ups and downs, and their irregularity caused them to finish the campaign in 11th place in the general table with 23 points.




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