Thursday, 26 May 2022
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Liga MX: Chivas and Cruz Azul dominate the ideal 11 of the Repechage

With a view to the Series of Quarter finals on the Closing League 2022the MX League unveiled the ideal 11 of the players who played the Reclassification.

In this sense they were Chivas and Cruz Azul the teams that contributed the most to form the dream team, because while “Machine” had four players on this list, the Herd he is also well represented with three players and his technical director.

Cristian Calderon, Fernando Beltran and Alexis Vega It was the elements from Guadalajara that got into the ideal 11, this in addition to the fact that Ricardo Cadena was selected as the best coach of the Repechage.

As far as cement plants are concerned, Sebastian Jurado, Luis Abram, Juan Escobar and Cristian Tabó were the players included in this select group.

On the other hand, Israel Reyes and Juan Segovia of the PueblaWith Facundo Waller and Javier Guemez of the Athletic Saint Louis ended up completing the best players in this first game of the Final phase.

Within the phase of Repechage Chivas left on the way the Cougarsthis while Blue Cross He did the same by imposing himself on the Necaxa for a place in league of Mexican soccer.




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