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Liga MX Femenil: How much does a professional soccer player earn on average in Mexico?

In international soccer, the players have advocated for salary increases that show equal conditions as the men’s categories and Mexico is no exception. In the case of the Women’s MX League, there are soccer players who receive a minimum salary, even counting the increase from the first tournament held in 2017.

In an interview on Jesús ‘Canelo’ Ángulo’s podcast, the athlete Alicia Cervantes – who has spent time at Atlas and Chivas – revealed that a few years ago salaries were 1,500 pesos, so together with her teammates she fought to that the number grew.

More than five years after that, a base salary of 4,500 pesos is maintained, according to the numbers that ESPN published in 2022, which would have an average of 10 thousand pesos per month. Although the amount tripled, it is still not comparable to professional football in the case of men.

However, there are exceptional cases in renowned teams such as América, Monterrey and Tigres, where some members of the squad receive more than 100,000 pesos as a payroll.

This is the salary of Jenni Hermoso, one of the highest paid in Liga MX

Jennifer Beautiful, champion of the Spanish team in the World Cup in Australia – New Zealand 2023 and forward of the Tuzas del Pachuca, she is one of the best paid. In 2022 she joined the team by signing a 2-year contract.

Who is currently in the middle of the controversy over the non-consensual kiss of Luis Rubiales, hopes to rejoin the Opening 2023 after his vacation. Although the official amount of his salary is unknown, according to Sports world completes the list of those that earn the most money in the world.

She is accompanied by Sam Kerr (500 thousand euros), Alex Morgan (420 thousand euros) and Megan Rapinoe (417 thousand euros). Hermoso received an annual salary of 120 thousand euros (about 2.5 million Mexican pesos) with FC Barcelona.

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