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TechLogitech G Yeti GX microphone review: a simple and effective USB microphone

Logitech G Yeti GX microphone review: a simple and effective USB microphone

Logitech continues to unveil new products by releasing the Yeti GX, the first USB-C microphone in the range. We were able to try it for several weeks and deliver our verdict.

Logitech continues to release products aimed at gamers at the end of 2023. After a PRO X TKL keyboard and a G PRO only for online gamers with its G Yeti GX microphone.

The brand’s first microphone after the acquisition of the Yeti brand (notably renowned for its flagship product, the Blue Yeti, which quickly established itself among streamers), the G Yeti GX is a USB microphone which notably features a direction supercardioid to eliminate background noise and deliver crystal clear sound to your listeners.

A design specific to Logitech

The G Yeti GX microphone has a compact design that allows it to be quite discreet in your setup. Only available with a matte black coating, the Yeti GX also features the Logitech brand logo as well as an RGB ring at its base. The latter is configurable via GHub software and LIGHTSYNC technology. On the front of the microphone, we find a sound wheel which is reminiscent of those of the brand’s mice as well as an easy-to-access mute button.

The Yeti GX does not have a jack port but is equipped with a USB-C port and “plug and play” compatible for easy and quick use. We will also regret the absence of an option to plug in your headphones and be able to benefit from audio feedback. By having the GHub software from Logitech, you will access the different functions offered by the microphone, but we will come back to that later.

The microphone is protected by two coverings: a metal grille with a very attractive effect and a very thick windshield which helps reduce parasitic sounds. The dynamic capsule is oriented towards the top of the microphone and will therefore require that the Yeti GX is well oriented towards its user to capture the latter’s sounds.

On the practical side, the G Yeti GX micro is supplied with a black plastic base which can be disassembled very easily. This allows you to change the support (if you already have one) or install the microphone on an arm.

Clear, clear sound

We were able to test the Yeti GX microphone for several days with different audio messaging software and in several configurations. Let’s not beat around the bush: the audio quality of the Yeti GX is good. The microphone is able to perfectly capture our discussions, whether it is classical words or whispers. Tested with a gain of 80%, we were able to carry out several conversations where we were perfectly audible.

Our gaming sessions like League of Legends, Fortnite or Final Fantasy XIV were perfectly suited to online communication, and our partners could clearly hear our interventions. Switching from a base to an arm may, however, require resetting the microphone parameters in the dedicated application.

However, “extraneous” noises such as typing on the keyboard or clicks of our mouse were still present in the background, but barely perceptible. A result that is still quite disappointing since it will ask you to move your peripherals away if you are recording a video or a podcast.

Conversely, noises that are a little too pronounced or screams are well attenuated by the Yeti GX and your words remain understandable despite the increase in gain of your voice. The mic does, overall, a very good job of dampening ambient noise.

Easy-to-learn software

As is the case with many Logitech devices, the Yeti GX microphone is compatible with a dedicated application called GHub. The latter allows you to further personalize your audio experience using the BLUE VO!CE program. Several options are available, including an equalizer which will influence the audio rendering of the Yeti GX microphone, but also the possibility of creating recording profiles (podcast, streaming, discussion, etc.) to access them quickly. The software also allows you to add funny filters to your voice to distort it, which can be useful for amusing friends or an audience.

The software dedicated to the Yeti GX also allows you to modify the RGB lighting present on the lower part of the microphone. Enough to allow gamers or content creators to liven up their workspace a little more with some pretty lights that can be configured according to several parameters.

Good to note: the application is also available on Mac! Fans of the Apple firm will therefore also be able to take advantage of the Yeti GX microphone and configure it according to their needs.

Our conclusion to the Logitech G Yeti GX microphone test

It’s difficult to be choosy about Logitech’s proposal. The Yeti GX is an excellent choice for those who want to create content on the web or simply have a good microphone for chatting online. Its recognizable design from afar, its customization options and its audio quality make it easy to recommend.

However, we may regret the absence of a headphone jack, but also that the Yeti GX is not very suitable for recording podcasts due to its unfortunate tendency to record small surrounding noises. If this is not content you want to offer, you can go for it with your eyes closed.

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