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EntertainmentLoyal Family Visits Epy Kusnandar Who Was Trapped in Drugs

Loyal Family Visits Epy Kusnandar Who Was Trapped in Drugs


Inspector R Alfa Hendy SIK Head of West Jakarta Metro Police Narcotics Unit 3 explained that the family had already come to visit artist Epy Kusnandar.

Even so, Alfa Hendy did not mention which family members came. However, it has been confirmed that Epy Kusnandar was accompanied by his family after being arrested for drugs.

“There is a family visiting,” said Alfa Hendy at the West Jakarta Metro Police, Saturday (11/5/2024).



It is known that Epy Kusnandar’s wife, Karina Ranau, said that her husband was a good person. Therefore, he wants to marry Epy, who was previously a widower.

“I feel he is a good person,” said Karina Ranau at the Trans TV Building, Jalan Captain P Tendean, recently.

The process of getting approval from Karina Ranau’s parents at that time was very difficult. Karina’s mother did not approve of the relationship.

The reason was that Epy Kusnandar was already married at that time. Meanwhile Karina Ranau is still a girl.

But that didn’t stop Karina Ranau from fighting to get approval. In fact, he was willing to no longer be considered a child by his mother.

“At that time I was in a dilemma between listening to the words of the mother who gave birth to me or choosing her like that. Only at that time in the parking lot, if for example this was my soul mate, I would be fine if my mother had to be like that,” he explained again at that time.

Now Epy Kusnandar has to accept bad luck after being caught using marijuana.

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