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TechLying Down While Playing Gadgets Becomes an International Competition

Lying Down While Playing Gadgets Becomes an International Competition


Watching Drakor from night to night makes your parents upset? Don’t worry, you’re not lazy, maybe it’s just the wrong country Just.

In Montenegro, Southeastern Europe, 21 residents struggled lazily to earn the title of the city’s Laziest Resident. This competition is held at a resort in Brezna Village, Northern Montenegro and promises a prize of USD 1,070 (Rp. 16.5 million)

This race is so fierce. Filip Knezevic, one of the contestants, told Reuters he was confident he would be the winner.



He and the other contestants were forced to lie down for 20 consecutive days, not allowed to sit or stand but were given time to urinate once every eight hours for ten minutes.

“We have everything we need here, this company is extraordinary, time goes by so fast,” said Knezevic as reported by detikINET from the New York Post, Thursday (14/9/2023).

They are also allowed to do activities such as playing on cellphones, eating, drinking, reading, including watching Korean dramas. However, all of this must be done while lying down.

“We all felt good, even great. There were no health problems whatsoever. They pampered us. The only thing we needed to do was lie down,” said Dubravka Aksic, winner of the 2021 competition.

This competition started 12 years ago. The funny thing is, the idea of ​​holding this competition was originally intended to make fun of the myth that Montenegrin people are lazy.

In Montenegro there is a famous expression ‘Montenegrin Commandments’ or Orders of the Montenegrin People. The first point says that humans are born tired and live to rest. detikers agree with this expression?

*This article was written by Khalisha Fitri, a participant in the Merdeka Campus Certified Internship Program at detikcom.

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