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TechMacbook air M3: discover Apple's new computer

Macbook air M3: discover Apple’s new computer

Apple recently unveiled its new Macbook Air computers equipped with an M3 chip. Find out their features, release date and where to find them at the best price.

Apple continues to renew its product portfolio with more or less regularity. The firm has just announced the upcoming release of the Macbook Air M3, a powerful laptop that is perfect for students and office professionals.

The new Macbook Air M3 looks a lot like its predecessor released in 2022, the Macbook Air M2. This new generation above all guarantees a gain in power, even if the design still undergoes some small changes.

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The Macbook Air M3 has a new coating that is much more resistant to fingerprints. This material, introduced with the latest Macbook Pro M3s that we tested, allows Apple to offer new chassis for its computers while keeping its iconic colors.

In terms of performance, the Macbook Air M3 is announced as 60% faster than its M1 counterpart released in 2020. At the time, Apple had revolutionized the world of laptops by unveiling its first in-house chip and equipping it in its various computers . The introduction of the M3 chip within the new Macbook Air guarantees greater power compared to previous generations, but also up to 18 hours of average battery life.

Apple also announces that the Macbook Air M3 is the first in its range to be able to manage two external displays simultaneously. A boon for professionals who would like to take advantage of the Apple computer on two large screens.

What is the price of the Macbook Air M3?

The new Macbook Air M3 has an initial price of 1,299 euros with its 13-inch format. It is however possible to acquire the machine with a 15-inch screen, displayed from 1599 euros in France.

Here are the available configurations:

  • Macbook Air M3 – 13 inches (8/256 GB): 1299 euros.
  • Macbook Air M3 – 13 inches (8/512 GB): 1529 euros.
  • Macbook Air M3 – 15 inches (8/256 GB): 1599 euros.
  • Macbook Air M3 – 15 inches (8/512 GB): 1829 euros.

All of these configurations offered by Apple have four available colors: midnight, starlight, silver and space gray.

When is the Macbook Air M3 release date?

The new Macbook Air M3 was officially unveiled by Apple on Monday March 4, 2024. The firm did not hold a special conference or online event, but limited itself to a brief comprehensive statement on the subject. Pre-orders for the Macbook Air were launched immediately.

The Macbook Air equipped with an M3 chip has been officially available since Friday March 8, 2024. Out-of-stocks on certain models also quickly appeared on certain partner seller sites.

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