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WorldMalappuram woman conquers India's 'world' in horse racing |

Malappuram woman conquers India’s ‘world’ in horse racing |

Malappuram: Malayalee girl Nida Anjum Chelat has made India proud by performing well in the FEI’s 120 km endurance championship, the most challenging event in world long-distance horse racing. 21-year-old Nida Anjum, a native of Malappuram, Tirur, made history by representing the country in the battle held in the city of Castelsegrat, France.

Represented India in Equestrian World Endurance Championship for young riders. Nida completed the championship in just 7.29 hours. Qualifying for this world championship is achieved by covering the distance of 120 km at least twice with the same horse in a period of two years. Nidaya has crossed this distance four times with two horses. Nida is the only Indian woman to have achieved the three star rider status.

The horse covered 120 km without any scratch

In this championship, the rider has to cover the 120 km long competition course without any scratch on the horse. The competition had four stages. After each stage, expert veterinarians will check the health and fitness of the horse. If a report is received that the health of the horse has been damaged, the rider will be disqualified. The big challenge of this championship is to complete all four stages while maintaining the horse’s athleticism.

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Nida took to the field in France with her horse “Epsilon Salo” along with 70 contestants from 25 countries. 33 horses were eliminated during the race. Nida participated in the championship wearing the tricolor of the Indian flag on her helmet and jersey. Nida said, “I am proud to be the first Indian to finish a long-distance horse race and will strive for more achievements for the country. It was Nida’s association with horses when she was a child living with her parents in Dubai that led her to this worldly achievement. Nida holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work from the University of Birmingham, UK and an IB Diploma from Raffles World Academy. Regency Group Managing Director Dr. Father is Anwar Amin Chelat. Mother is Minhat Anwar Amin. Sister: Dr. Fida Anjum.

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