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WorldMali: 2 civilians killed in an armed attack in Yendouma

Mali: 2 civilians killed in an armed attack in Yendouma

AA/Bamako/Amarana Maiga

At least two civilians were killed and another injured on Monday in an attack attributed to “terrorist groups”, in Yendouma, in the rural commune of Sangha in the Bandiagara region, in central Mali, we learned. with local authorities.

“There was a terrorist attack in Yendouma today from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., leaving two dead and one injured. This assessment is still provisional, “said Anadolu Agency Ali Dolo, mayor of the urban commune of Sangha.

“The terrorists took away all the cattle in the village. They ransacked the whole village before leaving. They were on board more than 100 motorbikes”, underlines the same source before specifying that “the Malian soldiers came with a great delay, then left leaving the populations to their fate”.
In 2019, an armed attack in Sobane-Da, in the rural commune of Sangha, left 95 dead and 19 missing, several animals slaughtered and houses burned according to an official report.

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