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WorldMali: most of the terrorists neutralized in Ganguel (armed)

Mali: most of the terrorists neutralized in Ganguel (armed)

AA / Bamako / Amarana Maiga

The Malian Army (FAMa) announced on Saturday that it had neutralized more than a dozen terrorists, including members of the Islamic State and Muslim Brotherhood (GSIM) cadres led by Iyad Ag Ghaly, in the Ganguel area. Around 10 km from the rural municipality of Mourrah in the center of the country, indicated by the Major General’s Army of Mali in a communicative area.

“The Major General’s Army informed the national opinion that the Malian Army (FAMa) was consolidating, moreover, its acquis operating against febrile terrorists and attempting to reorganize the reversible », Declared by Colonel Souleymane Dembelé, director of information and public relations of the armies (Dirpa).

Lazy affirmation that ” after this’s debugged by Katibat Macina, the Emir of the Islamic and Muslim Groups (GSIM) has spread in the Ganguel area a delegation to overthrow the morale of the combants Katibat and their financial and logistics services are present ».

Additions that “on technical redesigns” there is almost no regrouping of terrorists in the area with the presence of a broadcaster Iyad Ag Ghaly, the FAMs observed by the two air raid operations on April 14, 2022 neutralize a dozen terrorists in the Ganguel forest around 10 km from the rural municipality of Mourrah ».

Colonel Dembelé said that “these frauds were aimed at neutralizing some GSIM cadres by Samir Al Bourhan, a Franco-Tunisian terrorist cadre, French and Arab parliaments, led by Iyad Ag Ghaly and two of his GSIM accomplices.”

According to the communication “the objective of Al Bourhan’s mission in this area is to transmit a message as if the FAMs were being desecrated in an interpretation of the fire community”, adding that “this is this order of idea which derail to control the combibats of the Katibat of the sectors of Youwarou, Téninkou, Djenné, Ganguel, Mayatake and then to pay a vote ».

In addition, the small-scale indiscriminate weapon was neutralized within the framework of Operation Kélètigui, a design of terrorists in the Sikasso region in the south of the country. This “operation made its debut in January in the Sikasso region. “Eliminate the neutralization of terrorist designs, the recovery of rocket-propelled grenades, motorcycles and other materials.”

Since 2012, Mali has been facing a security crisis of separatist and terrorist attacks, notorious in the north, center and south of the country.

Given the deployment of regional and international forces, the situation is not yet stable.

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