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Malians demonstrate their support for the FAMa in the capital Bamako and inside the country

AA/Bamako/Amarana Maiga

Several thousand people demonstrated Friday afternoon, in the Malian capital, Bamako and inside the country to support the military operations of the Malian Armed Forces (FAMa) in progress against terrorism, at the call of several civil society organizations including the M5-RFP, the movement “Yérèwolo standing on the ramparts” and the “Collective for the defense of the military”.

“Our Republican army continues to reap tangible results which unfortunately make people jealous to the point of spreading false allegations, even more, of carrying out real campaigns of denigration, intoxication and misinformation. The sovereign people of Mali are more united than ever behind their army which is in the process of terrorizing the terrorists, who have reigned supreme since 2012 over ¾ of our territory,” said Mohamed Dembelé, spokesperson for the Collective for Defense. of the military (CDM) in a statement addressed to the demonstrators.

And Dembelé added: “Our valiant army has gone from a defensive army to an offensive army that does not hesitate to hunt down the enemy, and the great void due to the failure of politicians on the security front is filled today by young, committed and responsible officers who are largely won over to the cause of Mali”.

“The notorious changes that have taken place following the rectification of Mali’s pan-African transition are, among other things, actions that deserve recognition from the highest authorities of Mali, commensurate with the actions taken and the results obtained”, indicated the same source adding that “it is in support of our Armed Defense and Security Forces that Operation Hope All FAMa (E) was launched like the Maliko and Kélétigui operations”.

The spokesperson for the CDM stresses that “it is with the aim of strengthening this complicity between the people and their army that the living forces of our country decided, this Friday, to hold historic meetings both in Bamako and in regional capitals and circles”.

During this demonstration, the activist Sékou Tounkara member of the movement “Yérèwolo standing on the ramparts” recalled that “it is in no way an anti-French step but rather against French policy, asking for the pure and of the French forces in Mali”.

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