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WorldMan who threatened to attack a mosque in France detained

Man who threatened to attack a mosque in France detained

According to the local newspaper La Voix Du Nord, in the footage circulating on social media on Tuesday, a person filmed the Lille Sud Mosque, saying, “This is a mosque. It’s a small mosque, but it’s very crowded on Fridays, there is a way to kill about 20 people.” uses the expression.

The person speaking in the video says he will see if he is a Muslim in front of the mosque, he will kill them all and he has never been more determined before.

The Lille Prosecutor’s Office reported that the youth in question was detained this morning as part of the investigation launched on the grounds of “threatening to kill a religious group and making propaganda for a terrorist act”.

The prosecutor’s office stated that the young man admitted that he was the person who made threats against the mosque community in the image in question, and that he argued that he did this under the influence of alcohol. It was noted that the investigation continues.

French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin said on Twitter that a mosque in the city of Lille was the target of “serious threats” and that the mosque was secured by the police on his instructions.

Meanwhile, the image in question was removed from social media as a result of applications made to the relevant institutions.

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