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TechMany developers claim to be making games for the newest Nintendo Switch

Many developers claim to be making games for the newest Nintendo Switch


It turns out that many developers are working on games for the latest consoles Nintendo you know. This was revealed from a survey conducted by the Game Developers Conference (GDC).

From the report called 2024 State of the Game Industry, approximately 8% of developers said that. This percentage is equivalent to 250 people, it was reported detikINET from Video Games Chronicle, Monday (22/1/2024).

This number was obtained after GDC asked 3 thousand game developers at indie and AAA studios. Then through a separate question, 32% said consoles Nintendo something new that interests them.



However, it seems that from the survey of 3 thousand people, the number of developers developing games for this new console is more than 250 people. It’s possible they prefer to remain silent, because Nintendo it hasn’t been officially announced yet.

Even so, there are many rumors circulating, and the strongest is that the console is said to be ‘Switch 2‘ will be released this year. Some say it will visit gamers in September or at least the end of 2024.

Previously, a gaming industry analyst, Serkan Toto, predicted that the new console would be sold at a higher price than its predecessor. He predicted that the difference might be USD 100 or around Rp. 1.5 million.

Toto also said there was a possibility that the game would also be more expensive. He estimates that gamers will spend up to USD 70 or around Rp. 1 million to buy several successor titles Nintendo Switch.

“And since Pokemon exists, and Pokemon is associated with handheld gaming, it’s unlikely that Nintendo will eliminate the portability feature for its next big product,” he concluded.

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