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SportsMaradona: Mexico 1986 World Cup shirt breaks record at auction

Maradona: Mexico 1986 World Cup shirt breaks record at auction

The shirt that the Argentine used Diego Armando Maradona to score two memorable goals against the England national team at the 1986 World Cup in Mexico sold for 7.1 million pounds ($9.3 million), the highest amount paid at a sports memorabilia auction.

Sotheby’s house sold the “10” jersey in an online auction that was completed on Wednesday. The buyer was not identified.

Maradona, who passed away in November 2020 at age 60scored two goals in the quarterfinal match at the Azteca Stadium in Mexico City on June 22, 1986, just four years after the war they played Argentina and Great Britain for the Falkland Islands.

The first goal became known as “The Hand of God”, a work of mischief. Everyone thought it was a header, but the striker pushed the ball into the net with his hand against his head as goalkeeper Peter Shilton came off.

The second is considered the best in the history of the World Cups: After taking the ball in the middle of the field, the Argentine captain left almost the entire English team scattered. Argentina won 2-1 and ended up lifting its second World Cup.

The first was officially a header, but the ball bounced off Maradona’s fist without the Tunisian referee Ali Bennaceur noticing. Maradona later said that he scored it “a little with Maradona’s head and a little with the hand of God.”

The authenticity of the shirt was confirmed by Resolution Photomatching, a firm specializing in photo matching and also verified by Sotheby’s director of science. AP / M. Dunham

On his second goal, Maradona beat Shilton after eluding the entire English defence. In 2002, this was listed as “The best goal of the century” in a poll by the FIFA.

After the match, Maradona swapped jerseys with England midfielder Steve Hodge, who gave them to the Manchester-based National Football Museum in England before putting them up for auction.

After Sotheby’s announced the auction last month, Maradona’s relatives questioned whether the number “10” shirt was the one the star wore during the second half, when he scored both goals. The house stated that authenticity was confirmed by Resolution Photomatching, signature specialized in the comparison of photos and also verified by the director of science of Sotheby’s.

Brahm Wachter, Shoteby’s director of casual wear and modern memorabilia, said the shirt represents a “real reminder of an important moment not only in the history of sport, but in the history of the 20th century”.

The previous record for a sports memorabilia was the payment of $8.8 million in December 2019 for the manifesto that launched the modern Olympic movement. And the previous record for a sports garment was the payment of $5.64 million for a Babe Ruth T-shirt of the New York Yankees in 2019.




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