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Marcella Zalianty Confesses to 2 Years of Research for the Sake of Jalasena Laksamana Malahayati


The Jalasena Laksamana Malahayati theater performance will soon be held on September 9 2023 at Graha Bhakti Budaya, Taman Ismail Marzuki (TIM) complex. More than 67 people in the battle scene combined with martial arts and dance appeared to enliven it.

The stage action for this theatrical performance will raise the heroic story of the struggle of the world’s first female admiral named Malahayati. Set in the setting of Aceh in the past, including presenting a surprise in the form of the appearance of a life-sized replica of a warship on the performance stage, Marcella Zalianty, who plays the main character, tells the story of the difficult process and her research.

“I researched him for 2 years. Researching his form helped me to get into him, so like it or not I wanted to better appreciate the story of Malahayati’s journey,” he said in the statement received.

According to Marcella’s statement, when she first read the script, she admitted that she was immediately amazed.

“When I first read the script, ouch, I cried because I could feel what he was fighting for,” he said.

Not only playing the main role, but he was also the producer for the performance Jalasena Laksamana Malahayati. There are many things that must be considered when working on it.

“In terms of production there is also a lot to pay attention to, not only the creative and technical aspects but also involving such a large team, how our energies can be united,” said Marcella.

Set in the 1500s, Malahayati tells the story of the rise of a female warrior in the Aceh navy at that time. The story of a female admiral in mourning for the deaths of her father and husband and men in battle with the Portuguese.

He could not accept this fact and he was determined to take revenge by forming Inong Balee, a 2,000-strong war army whose soldiers were all women.

The process of preparation and rehearsal for the 1.5 hour performance was carried out over the past two months on a schedule of three days per week. The script for the story is based on a feature film script and the results of research conducted by Marcella Zalianty and Keana Production even before Malahayati was declared a national hero in 2017.

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