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Mario Casas tells why everything surprised him when he arrived at Ibai’s house: ‘I freaked out’

Mario Casas was at Ibai Llanos’ house a few weeks ago to promote My loneliness has wingshis first film as a director starring his brother Óscar Casas.

The actor was chatting with the Basque streamer about his life, his films and left important reflections on social networks. He told Mario Casas that he does not have Instagram on his phone and that he does everything when he is at his house to avoid being hooked.

He also explained that years ago he left Twitter because it was wasting his time and due to toxicity: “I came in and of course things that I said jumped out at me, it’s that I don’t want to see this. Suddenly they send you a message and they have made your day miserable.”

In another podcast, Mario Casas has told what the experience of recording with Ibai was like and has told some curious things. “I was amazed. It’s like entering another place. I entered his house, he was already in his room. Of course, you go directly into his room. With Ibai you arrive at his house and suddenly they tell you, those who are there with him “No, no, he is already there, that is, whenever you want, you want a coffee or a water, when you want, you come in,” he said.

“You get scared suddenly there is something that is very different and that for me is a pleasure because you understand a little more about where society is today, especially among young people,” the actor concluded.

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