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Mario Picazo points to the warmer days of this week: but the coolness will soon return

The fourth heat wave of the summer was left behind over the weekend and brought strong storms to the northeast of the peninsula and the Balearic Islands. This week has started with some stability, but this situation may change soon.

As of Friday, at the end of the week, as reported by the meteorologist Mario Picazo in the time is, a DANA will arrive and continue for the weekend. Over the weekend, the entry of another mass of cold air will cause temperatures to plummet again. “This time the temperature drop will be more intense than the one experienced this last weekend of August,” she warned.

Although he warns that “it will be necessary to confirm how this situation evolves, but it seems that once again the rainfall can be locally intense in many areas, especially in the northeast and the Mediterranean.”

More than 30 degrees in Madrid or Zaragoza

Before, however, the warmer days of the week will arrive. These will take place on Thursday and Friday, according to the meteorologist and former Telecinco weatherman.

“During these days the temperatures will rise a few degrees in the interior, reaching over 30 degrees in cities like Madrid or Zaragoza. In the north the rise will also be noticeable, with the Cantabrian cities exceeding 25 degrees and even approaching 28ºC in places like Bilbao”, he clarified.

But soon the temperatures will plummet again with the arrival of the DANA. Looking ahead to the weekend, “the cooler air, as well as the cloudiness and the rains, would cause the maximum temperatures to drop significantly throughout the peninsular territory”, Picazo highlighted.

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