Thursday, 28 September 2023
WorldMario Picazo warns of a historic DANA with “rains from another world”

Mario Picazo warns of a historic DANA with “rains from another world”

When we are barely assimilating what happened with DANA During last weekend, in which waterspouts were the dominant trend throughout the country, with the devastating consequences that these have had, meteorologist Mario Picazo already warns of the following, although luckily for us, it will not be in Spain.

As reported by the former Telecinco ‘weather man’ and current meteorologist, the sources of the next climate emergency They will be in Italy and Greece, where Picazo has assured that there will be “rainfall from another world.”

Accompanied by a moving map, shared through the social network X, Picazo has warned of what is coming, something that can be verified by seeing that in ‘a few seconds’ Greece is absorbed by a huge spot that represents the intense rainfall expected in the region.

Although it is not only about the Hellenic country, since the Ionian Sea and southern Italy will also be witnesses first-hand of the enormous Isolated High Level Depression, which will loom over its skies, as happened over Spain less than 48 hours ago.

satellite images seem to be especially alarming And, as Picazo assures, in the southern region of Italy and some points in southwestern Greece more than a thousand liters per square meter can be collected. Thus, asks to be aware of the forecasts for the next two days because what can be experienced in the Italian peninsula and Greece may be something unprecedented.

“The other DANA, the one that surrounds the region of Ionian Sea between southern Italy and Greece will generate otherworldly rainfall in some areas of southwestern Greece these next 48 hours. Some areas will collect more than 1,000 liters with important quantities also in the south of Calabria and eastern Sicily. #DANA #Greece #Italy #rain”.

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