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WorldMass death of children in Gaza; 20 children starved to death...

Mass death of children in Gaza; 20 children starved to death in one month

Gaza: As the war enters its sixth month and the Israeli army’s merciless siege, Gaza faces mass infant mortality.

Last month, the first child deaths due to malnutrition and dehydration were reported in Gaza, where the situation is worsening daily. Since then, 20 more children have died from this cause. There is no milk or anything else to feed the babies in Gaza. Adults survive by eating green grass and fodder. The army also attacks trucks carrying relief goods.

The aid distribution of the UN has stopped. Meanwhile, Israeli bombing continues. A bomb hit a building in Deir al-Balah, killing 11 people. 78 people including them were killed in 24 hours. The total death toll stands at 30,878. 72,402 people were injured.

Aid distribution: US to build temporary port in Gaza

Washington: US President Joe Biden has said that the military has been instructed to build a temporary port in Gaza for the distribution of humanitarian aid. He called on Israel to avert a humanitarian disaster by allowing more aid to arrive. For Israel, he said that humanitarian aid to Gaza should not be used as a bargaining chip and that volunteers should not be injured in the crossfire.

At the same time, critics point out that this is all a propaganda ploy and that the US should be pressuring Israel to allow the truck to pass through the Rafah border. Biden relaxed his pro-Israel position as protests and pressure rose against it inside and outside the country.

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