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WorldMaster Nuri has been repairing sewing machines for 50 years

Master Nuri has been repairing sewing machines for 50 years

Master Nuri, 60 years old, who repairs faulty sewing machines in the work area of ​​a friend of his in Yeni Mahalle, earns his family’s livelihood from this job.

Şimşek stated that he started sewing machine repair at the age of 10 and that he had 5 children study at the university with the money he earned from this job.

Şimşek explained that she has been prone to repair works since her childhood, and said, “I developed myself, I started the repair business by buying parts. In Islahiye, there is no one else doing this job in the region. With the development of technology, the demand for this work has decreased. I will continue to do it as long as I can. ” he said.

Şimşek added that with the developing technology, the number of sewing machine masters is decreasing day by day and no apprentices are growing in the profession.

Retired tailor Mehmet Arif Kurt, who brought the broken sewing machine to Nuri master for repair, said, “I brought my sewing machine, which I bought when I got married and used 41 years ago, to be repaired. said.

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