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WorldMedical tourism in Turkey at the Honor Salon Festiculture (reportage)

Medical tourism in Turkey at the Honor Salon Festiculture (reportage)

AA / Lyon / Fatih KARAKAYA

Having a major destination within the domain of large-scale medical tourism with significant investments in this sector, Turkey has many initiatives to promote its low-cost and low-quality healthcare system.

Among these initiatives, including the participation of representatives of Turkish clinical names in the 10th edition of the Salon Festiculture in Lyon, is the largest city in France.

As a result, many responsive clinics and private hospitals are located in France to accommodate patients. For this reason, the consultations were carried out for the persons wishing to take part in order to be coated without braking in order to achieve quality.

The Anadolu Agency (AA) re-established several intermediate and private Turkish clinics at the fountain of the salon of the Festiculture Salon, the largest cultural and commercial salon located in Turkey.

Venus for requesting a currency, an explicit patient who wants to get married in Turkey car «while trying to get positive sounds from friends who are getting married in Turkey and who are very satisfied with the quality soins ».

According to Semih Mercan, an intermediary that deals with Turkish clinics with French patients explicitly’s AA that «beaucoup of persons rotating to Turkish clinics part of which coat is beaucoup more abortable, as in France their prices are excessivement chers ». Patients searching for “one of their own quality and at least”, at the same time observe.

– French clinics in Turkey

Sante tourism in Turkey also attracts investors from around the world but also from France. Kaan Semih opened his clinic in Istanbul (ouest) and did not make any donations to the patient’s ward.

Interrogated by AA, all of them work, a lot of vitality, with the advantage of “the French style that is imprinted clinically” but also “its working qualities”. Conscious of the competition, Semih does not feel like “big promotions” like “offers on plane tickets”. Explain also that patients are charged at their arrival in Turkey.

The 10th edition of the Salon Festiculture, debuted in Turkish culture and debuted on May 13 and will run until May 15.

The fact that it has an extra influence on the annals, due to the fact that France’s business also pays for flights and notation in Turkey in the domain of santé.

Only a portion of the switches that the Anatolian Agency diffuses into its subscribers through the Internal Diffusion System (HAS) is diffused over the AA site, in summary manner. ..

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