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WorldMexican economy: Labor reform must improve living standards

Mexican economy: Labor reform must improve living standards

Companies are not only the driving force of the country, generating the vast majority of formal jobs, but they also provide most of the resources spent by the federal, state and municipal governments, which is why they must be supported so that they are increasingly more competitive and generate more sources of employment, says Juan Arturo Covarrubias Valenzuela.

The businessman talks about the impact of labor reforms, the electoral process and the autonomy of Powers, and also calls on the business sector to get involved in the politics of the common good and in social activities.

Juan Arturo Covarrubias On February 5, he will receive the “Businessman of the Year, Don Carlos Gutiérrez Nieto Transcendence Award” within the framework of Punto Empresarial. which will take place on March 5, 2024, event that takes place year after year Coparmex Jalisco.

The award will be given for his great career and commitment to social responsibility, competitiveness and prosperity of the economic sector in Jalisco. Covarrubias Valenzuela has participated as a Director of the Jalisco Business Center since 1982, he was the youngest president of the institution, holding the position at 33 years old. Likewise, he has been vice president of Coparmex Nacional for 25 years; and Counselor of the Business Coordinating Council and the Center for Economic Studies of the Private Sector.

-What is your expectation of growth for this year?

-It is a complicated year, but we are not worried about whether we are going to grow 2 or 2.5%, this year is not really that relevant, but the important thing is to consolidate our democratic system.

-What do you think will be the impact of labor reforms on companies?

-Labor reforms must be aimed at ensuring a better quality of life for workers and we agree on that, but we cannot lose sight of the fact that the company has to be competitive. Excellent! There must be a great alliance so that the worker has a better quality of life but at the same time we have to protect the company from surviving.

The great challenge is to raise the minimum wage, now they bring it as a big banner, but really Coparmex has always asked for it because a country of few rich people and many poor people is not viable.

-What do businessmen expect from the next elections in the country?

-We hope that it will be an election where the rules of the game are respected, it needs to be an election where there is calm, that there is peace, so that then the country can move forward in calm, we have to bet on an INE that does perfectly well his work.

-What is the call you would make to citizens?

-We call on students, workers, businessmen, housewives, and professionals to participate in the politics of the common good to go vote and have a more solid democratic system. We cannot be apathetic about what is coming in the country. If an election is held in clear and transparent terms, there will be governability in the country, that is what we are all looking for.

-Is it okay for businessmen to participate in politics?

-The Coparmex businessman must have a high relationship with politics, but the politics of the common good and totally non-partisan so that he does not take sides, we look for proposals for a better quality of life and we want you to listen to us.

We seek the best quality of life and present our proposals, we want you to listen to us because this way we can consolidate a democratic system.

-What do you consider to be the main concern of the business sector?

-You have many right now, but I would say that the most important is clarity in the elections, that the structures work, we are very concerned that the separation of Powers continues because these are the great balances of nations. The separation of Powers is vital for the Executive Branch to perform its function, the Legislative Branch its function and the Judicial Branch its function. This worries us because if the balance is lost the risks are great.

-What are the great challenges of the country?

-I think that we should move away from ideological issues that contaminate and do not allow us to see the clear direction we should take. We must take a course where everyone is respected as they think.

-What would you ask of the next president of Mexico?

-Businessmen are very concerned about the issue of confrontation, class struggle, that leads us nowhere. There are many businessmen who are committed to seeing how we can lift 60 million people out of poverty, how we can make a great alliance together. The country has a great future, but the new president needs to bring together everyone, workers, farmers, businessmen, housewives, university students, we need to make a great national alliance because the country is very diverse and confronting people is not the solution.

-What message would you give to businessmen who do not participate in social work?

-That they understand that no one is going to give us the Mexico that we want, it cannot be that the businessman is a coffee critic, a critic at parties, we need to get involved and we need to participate, we need to dedicate time to them, you need to dedicate effort, you need to teach them to your children to have a social responsibility.



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