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Mexicans show their support for Xóchitl Gálvez in front of the UN headquarters in Geneva

GENEVA ( A group of Mexicans met in front of the United Nations headquarters in Geneva to demonstrate their support for Xóchitl Gálvez, candidate of the Broad Front for Mexico.

“She is an example of a successful woman who represents our aspirations for the good of Mexico. She came up with her candidacy supported by the mobilization of civil society and we want her to be our president, ”she told Process Mina, one of the assistants who formed the Ginebra Group with Xóchitl together with several Mexicans who reside in Switzerland.

“Here in front of the UN we support Xóchitl!” Claudia and Melba, members of said group, expressed.

“We are here in front of the UN, headquarters of the Human Rights Council, to support Xóchitl, because he has promised to stand on the side of the victims of serious human rights violations and not turn his back on them as this government has done,” noted another. the protesters.

With a banner with a heart and the X that identifies the followers of Gálvez as well as a Mexican flag, the group came with great spirits and joy, expressing their hope for a change in the country: “We are very excited, we feel proud “If we have Xóchitl as our candidate, we are going to win,” said one of the young attendees.

Another of the protesters explained that President Andrés Manuel López Obrador “has turned his back on the most vulnerable, that has to end, all Mexicans have the right to aspire to a better life. I am an aspirationist.”

“We hope that Xóchitl comes to the UN here in Geneva, we want to meet her!” added another of the young women in the group.

“I support Xóchitl because she is not going to side with governments like Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua, they are abusers of their people, they have them in misery, those governments cannot be our friends,” concluded another. the protesters.

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