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WorldMexico 2024 Elections: Businessmen from Jalisco dialogue with Claudia Sheinbaum

Mexico 2024 Elections: Businessmen from Jalisco dialogue with Claudia Sheinbaum

The business sector of Jalisco met this morning with the candidate for the presidency of Mexico for the Let’s Keep Making History Coalition, Claudia Sheinbaumwho asked him that if he became president address problems such as water supply and investing in electrical capacity and infrastructure, as well as supporting SMEs and addressing insecurity.

At an event held in Expo Guadalajara The businessmen also asked to strengthen the rule of law and increase the taxpayer base.

Javier Arroyo Navarro, president of the Guadalajara Chamber of Commerce, spoke on behalf of the private sector and said that Jalisco companies work tirelessly to achieve a better country.

We represent key sectors such as agro-food, where Jalisco stands out for its leadership, the industrial sector with companies integrated into the supply chains of the metal-mechanical, automotive and aerospace sectors. He added that the electronics industry where the entity plays a leadership role due to its performance and export capacity,

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“Talking about the future requires an open mind and we appreciate your willingness to dialogue with us,” he said.

“We see a horizon of opportunities for consolidate the position of our country as an emerging power in the world, “geopolitical conditions seem more favorable now”

He added that to take advantage of internal difficulties and improve the conditions of all Mexicans It is necessary to make decisions that allow the development of the country.

“In that sense, shared prosperity implies promoting large investments and promoting regional growth; We consider it essential to prioritize support for small businesses, protecting them from unfair practices and promoting their development in the regions because they are the engine of the country’s economic development.

He also said that it is necessary to formalize the economy, expand the taxpayer base and combat irregular activities.

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Specifically, they deserve special attention the growing needs in water supply as well as those related to infrastructure and energy capacity that are essential for the development of the country.”

The coordinator of the Council of Chambers industrial Jalisco, Antonio Lancaster Jonessaid Jalisco It has ceased to be just the land of mariachi and drowned cake to become a national benchmark in the production of goods and services.

He highlighted that the state of Jalisco is home to more than 15 percent of the industrial parks and the industry and the fashion sector are in the first places in the country.

He presented the axes of the work of the industrial sector such as improving infrastructure, modern and efficient transportation and improvements in the country’s ports and airports.

Finally, he called for improving the infrastructure of the IMSS.

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