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Mexico 2024 Elections: They are going for 2 million signatures for Xóchitl Gálvez in Jalisco

The citizen organizations Foro Plural Jalisco and Confío en México announced that they will seek to gather more than 2 million votes in favor of Xóchitl Gálvez.

The former governor of Jalisco, Emilio González Márquez, a member of the Forum and coordinator of the Aliados con Xóchitl project, explained that after the election of the PAN senator As the coordinator of the Broad Front for Mexico, the next step will be to work to get the most votes possible.

“We do not want to be spectators, we want to continue being actors, we do not want to leave the responsibility for change in our country solely on Xóchitl’s shoulders, we therefore assume the part of responsibility that falls to us,” he explained. The former leader said that through the organization Aliados con Xóchitl they will take the proposals of the FAM candidate to the voters in due course.

“In Jalisco Xóchitl must reach the goal of 2 million votes, it is a figure never reached before, it is a challenging figure, it is not easy, but we know of the charisma and capacity of Xóchitl and the desire of the people of Jalisco to achieve this change“, held. She explained that they will seek to reach a million Jalisco voters who will be convinced to vote for the PAN senator.

He added that it will seek to reach the labor, productive sector, with the people of the countryside, women, students, the disabled, destitute peoples and leaders of all currents that seek a change in the country. He clarified that it is not party work, but the work of free and organized citizens.

“We are going to work based on commissions, we are volunteers, Xóchitl has not named us, she does not fall into any crime, she is unaware of this, we do it because we believe that it is what she should do and out of democratic conviction,” he concluded.



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