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SportsMexico obtained historic foreign direct investment in 2023

Mexico obtained historic foreign direct investment in 2023

MEXICO CITY (apro).– In 2023, 36,58 million dollars of foreign direct investment (FDI) entered Mexico, which means a new historical maximum and shows a growth of 2.17% compared to 2022, according to preliminary figures from the Ministry of Economy (SE).

50% of FDI in 2023 went to the manufacturing industry.

Inside, 41% concentrated on the manufacturing of transportation equipment, 14% on the manufacturing of beverages and tobacco, 13% on the metal industry, 9% on the manufacturing of computer equipment, 8% on the chemical industry, 5 % in the manufacture of energy generation equipment, 3% in the food industry and 3% in the manufacture of plastic and rubber.

These subsectors accounted for 96% of FDI in manufacturing last year.

During 2023, 74% of FDI was explained by reinvestment of profits, with this type of investment flow showing a growth of 66.15% compared to 2022.

For its part, 13% of FDI is explained by accounts between companies, growing 102.99% compared to the same period in 2022.

Finally, 13% of the FDI received in the year is from new investments, falling 71.65% compared to 2022.

According to the analysis of Banco Base, in addition, the proportion of FDI explained by new investments is the lowest since the beginning of the series in 1963.

In addition, FDI in new investments has not been seen so low since 2012, with 4,316 million dollars.

“The low growth of new investments indicates that the nearshoring opportunity is being missed. “Mexico has lacked promotion abroad, certainty in internal economic policy, infrastructure in electrical energy and water, and a reception package for new investments,” the analysis explained.

The states that received the most FDI during 2023 were: Mexico City, with 31% of the total; Sonora, with 8%; Nuevo León, with 7%; Jalisco, with 6%; Chihuahua, with 5%; State of Mexico, with 5%; Baja California, with 4%; Aguascalientes, with 4%; San Luis Potosí, with 3%, and Querétaro, with 3% (Table 3). Together these 10 states received 76% of FDI in the year.

On the other hand, the countries from which the most FDI was received in 2023 were: the United States, with 38% of the total; Spain, with 10%; Canada, with 10%; Japan, with 8%; Germany, with 7%; Argentina, with 6%; United Kingdom, with 3%; Netherlands, with 2%; Belgium, with 2%, and South Korea, with 1%. Together, these 10 countries concentrate 87% of the FDI received by Mexico in the year.

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