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WorldMickey Mouse will star in two films and a horror video game

Mickey Mouse will star in two films and a horror video game

As of January 1, 2024, the version of Mickey Mouse, who first appeared in the animated short film “Steamboat Willie”, became public domain and can be used by anyone to create audiovisual projects.

Like the well-known case of Winnie The Pooh with the gloomy movie “Winnie The Pooh: Honey and Blood”, Two films were announced that will star Mickey Mouse but in a terrifying and bloody way.

The first of them, according to information published by “Variety” magazine, is a story in which Mickey, turned into a sadistic mouse, will terrorize a group of passengers on a ferry. It will be directed by Steven LaMorte and will begin filming in the spring.

LaMorte, who is behind the bloody version of “The Grinch,” said that although “Steamboat Willie” has brought joy to several generations, hides a great “potential for pure and deranged terror”, so he hopes that the film can come to light this very 2024: “It’s a project I’ve been dreaming about and I can’t wait to unleash this twisted version of this beloved character on the world,” he said in a statement reported by the outlet.

For its part, the second film, titled “Mickey’s Mouse Trap”, follows a dangerous murderer who, armed with a Mickey Mouse mask and a kitchen knife terrorizes a group of young people at a fair. This movie is already a reality; Even the trailer has just been released and although it still does not have an official release date, could hit movie theaters in March.

Mickey will also have a spooky video game

But not only film producers have had their eye on the first version of the most famous mouse in the world, but also video game companies.

The trailer for a new horror game called “Infestation 88” is circulating on social networks, in which we are introduced an invasion of zombie rats that are led by a huge Mickey Mouse with worm-eaten skin. The mission for players is to survive the infestation and defeat the mutant mouse, who is willing to attack anyone who tries to oppose his reign.

So far Disney has not commented on any of these three works, however, it did make it clear that They will be attentive to any affiliation or similarity that exists with your brand or any of its products and will take legal action if this happens.



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