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WorldMigrant deaths in Texas: Activists demand cessation of Operation 'Lone Star'

Migrant deaths in Texas: Activists demand cessation of Operation ‘Lone Star’

After the incident where the Texas National Guard injured a Mexican in Ciudad Juárez, hundreds of members of the Border Network for Human Rights (BNHR) marched to demand the immediate cessation of Operation ‘Lone Star’ that promotes anti-immigrant policies that have caused 136 people dead.

“The racism, xenophobia and inhumanity embedded in Governor Abbott’s Operation Lone Star must stop immediately,” said Fernando García, executive director of the Border Network for Human Rights (BNHR). , who demanded to remove all barbed wire, physical barriers, buoys and military vehicles of the border and the Rio Grande for the chaos it has caused.

The protesters walked under the slogan “The Border in Action: Resisting Operation Lone Star”, an initiative coordinated by the Border Network for Human Rights, which is part of the Texas Border Coalition, in El Paso, Presidio, Brownsville, Pharr and San Juan.

The BNHR was founded in 1988 and is one of the main human rights defense and immigration reform organizations located on the border between the United States and Mexico, with more than 7 thousand members in west Texas and southern New Mexico. . This organization develops the event “Hugs Not Walls” in the middle of the Rio Bravo/Grande.

“We protest against the anti-immigrant policies and the false narrative about the humanitarian crisis,” said activist Fernando García who stated that “here on the border, we can no longer tolerate the violence and cruelty unleashed and we demand immediate action from our federal and state governments.”

The BNHR executive director noted that “our current broken immigration system and inhumane border policies are responsible for these unnecessary deaths, the Border Patrol of the El Paso Sector published alarming figures of migrant deaths, which reached 136 deaths, so it is time for Congress to restore our dignity through a humane and responsible border policy. These deaths are not normal. We must do better.”

The recent events where an element of the Texas National Guard Shooting wounding a Mexican in Ciudad Juárez provoked this reaction from pro-migrant activists in the neighboring city of El Paso, where Fernando García stated that “we are deeply dismayed by the actions of the Texas National Guard, which under the leadership of Governor Abbott has continued to usurp federal authority and unleash unnecessary chaos on our southern border.”

The abuse of lethal force is the result of the disastrous Operation Lone Star, for which the Texas Border Coalition carried out such actions throughout the border, particularly for the Texas guard who injured a Mexican citizen in Ciudad Juárez, where they called for the immediate end of Operation Lone Star.

In recent months, the border militarization has been financed with 5 thousand 100 million dollars of taxpayers for the administration of Greg Abbott and is generating unnecessary deaths and countless abuses against human and civil rights, criminalizing immigrants and refugees, said Fernando García.

The executive director of BNHR noted that “the racism, xenophobia and inhumanity rooted in Governor Abbott’s Operation Lone Star must stop immediately, which is why this September 1st, Texas border communities come together to take a stand against the violence and cruelty that has been unleashed, demanding immediate action from our federal and state governments.”

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