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Migration in Mexico: Flow increases sixfold at the Ciudad Juárez border with the US

The number of migrants stranded in Ciudad Juárez, on the northern border of Mexico, increased sixfold in the last three months until reaching 8 thousand, according to what the directors of the shelters told EFE, who attribute the phenomenon to changes in the climate and politics in the United States.

Administrators of the main hostels in Juarezbordering Texas, explained that the climate has become more benevolent for migrants, who were also encouraged by the announcement made a month ago by the United States about the possible reception of migrants who are already in Mexico.

Father Francisco Javier Bueno Guillén, in charge of The House of the Migrant, warned that the city’s three main shelters are close to full occupancy.

“Right now we are talking about La Casa del Migrante being at 95 percent to 80 percent capacity compared to a few weeks ago, when we were at 50 percent or 55 percent,” he said.

The migration surge

Mexico is experiencing a rebound in the migratory flow after the initial drop caused last May by the expiration of Title 42 of the United States, as recognized last month by the president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

“When Title 42 ends, which was the part where the issue of migrants dropped the most here in the city, I think there were 1,000 or 1,200 people left in the city, right now that we are on the rise, around 8,000 or so 7 thousand people are in the city”, explained Bueno Guillén.

“Right now we are more or less talking about the fact that in the house we have 350 or 370 people, while in May, after finishing Title 42, we had 100 people,” he added.

In addition, he estimated that there are close to one thousand or one thousand 100 migrants living on the streets, sleeping in parks and in ruined houses.

He added that there is a marked growth of entire families from Central and South America who come in groups of up to 15 people, as well as Mexicans, who have begun to gain a greater presence among those trying to cross the border.

“There has been a very large increase in the number of migrants who have been arriving in our city, which is why we have to optimize the spaces in our city,” he added.

New migration trends

Santiago González Reyes, head of the municipality’s Human Rights Directorate, who is in charge of the Kiki Romero municipal shelter, indicated that a large number of alone men also arrive.

The official warned that the Kiki Romero is at 80 percent of its capacity.

He said that the greatest current access is through the train and that a rebound is being noticed a month after the United States and Mexico announced centers in Mexican territory to process migrants.

“The intention is to arrive legally, and the other option is to go and surrender and let God say,” said Ángel Abreo, a 24-year-old migrant who left Venezuela last August, after the measures announced by both governments.

The man crossed on foot the stretch of El Darién jungle between Colombia and Panama, and traveled on the train known as “La Bestia”, which runs from the south of Mexico to Juárez.

“More friends always come back, many people keep coming, there are lots and lots of people every day,” he said.

Another of the migrants with renewed hope to cross is Guatemalan Elizabeth Velázquez, 26, who carries her daughter Victoria in her arms.

“In my case, I want a better future for them, for them to have a better life than what we have in Guatemala,” he said.

“There, work and food are scarce, everything is expensive now and there are many people who prefer to emigrate,” he stressed.

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