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WorldMiguel Barroso, Zapatero's former Secretary of State for Communication, dies

Miguel Barroso, Zapatero’s former Secretary of State for Communication, dies

Journalist Miguel Barrosoformer Secretary of State for Communication during the Government of José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, died this Saturday at 70 years old due to a heart attack, as reported by the newspaper The country.

Currently, the journalist was a member of the board of directors of Rush Group since last June 27, 2023. Born in Zaragoza in 1953, Barroso graduated in Law from the University of Barcelona and also in Philosophy and Letters (specializing in Modern and Contemporary History) from the same University.

After practicing journalism in various media, including The countryhis professional activity has always remained focused on the field of Communication.

In addition, he developed consulting work on media in several Ibero-American countries on behalf of Hispasat and later held responsibilities in the Fnac Group, where he directed the launch of the brand in the Iberian Peninsula and served as CEO of the Spanish subsidiary and later as international director for Communication and Marketing at the Group’s international headquarters in Paris.

Barroso was subsequently Secretary of State for Communication during the first two years of Rodríguez Zapatero’s presidency (2004/2005). He subsequently served as general director of the Casa de América, after being appointed by consensus by the three different administrations that make up the Board of Trustees of the Institution: Government, Community of Madrid and City Council.

For the last decade he has been linked to the global communications and marketing group WPP. First as CEO of the Young&Rubicam advertising agency in Spain, and then as development director of WPP for Central America and the Caribbean based in Havana; and finally, as director of WPP Spain.

Of his role as a writer, the co-authorship of a book of journalistic chronicles, Caribbean Chroniclesand also the publication of two novels: Dawn with ants in your mouth and A sensitive matter. Finally, he has made several translations into Spanish from Italian and French of volumes on Geography, Sociology and Philosophy.

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