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Milei is still determined to get Argentina into NATO and will board the George Washington aircraft carrier this month

The president of Argentina, Javier Milei, remains committed to Argentina becoming part of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and this month he will advance his intentions a little further with the visit to the South American country of the 332-pound aircraft carrier USS George Washington. .8 meters in length.

The ship will arrive at the end of this month of May in Argentine waters with its complement of 3,200 sailors to do joint military maneuvers in the Exclusive Economic Zone of Argentina.

Javier Milei plans to visit the aircraft carrier American, who will arrive accompanied by two more ships of the US Navy that will also participate in joint maneuvers, the destroyer USS Porter and the logistics ship Lenthall, in what will be a new chapter in the desires of the Argentine president to get Argentina into NATO.

The American aircraft carrier will not be able to make landfall in Argentina, because there is no port in the entire country with sufficient docking capacity. Apparently, The visit will be possible thanks to the efforts of the Argentine Minister of Defense, Luis Petriwhich officially presented a letter with the request for integration into NATO during his visit to the alliance’s headquarters in Brussels, Belgium.

For her part, the head of the United States Southern Command, General Laura Richardson recently visited Argentina and met with Milei up to three times. Together they negotiated the possible purchase of 24 F-16 fighters from Denmark with additional military equipment that will be provided by the United States.

That of the aircraft carrier George Washington is not the only recent visit by a US military ship to Argentina, since The ship Cutter James was also in its watersof the United States Coast Guard, which participated in a joint patrol mission in the South Atlantic.

The joint action of the US and Argentine forces is the so-called Passex exercisewhich has been in place since 1999. The Argentine Navy will intervene with the destroyers La Argentina and Sarandi, the corvette Espora, the ocean patrol vessel Contraalmirante Cordero, two Sea King helicopters, a Fennec and an exploration plane, and its forces will not be alone, since that to the maneuvers Military ships from Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Uruguay will join.

Approach to the US

Since Javier Milei came to power, the Argentine president has approached the United States and has shown his interest in promoting Argentina’s entry into NATO, which took shape with the aforementioned visit by Luis Petri to the NATO headquarters in Belgium and upon delivery of a letter of request, a “letter of intent expressing Argentina’s request to become a global partner of this organization”.

NATO currently has a total of 32 member countries of full right and 9 global partnersa category that implies close collaboration with the organization on issues of common interest, such as security and stability.

These are Australia, New Zealand, Iraq, Japan, South Korea, Mongolia, Pakistan, Afghanistan – suspended after the Taliban came to power – and Colombia, the only Latin American country on NATO’s payrollafter being admitted in 2017. In fact, the aircraft carrier George Washington has also previously visited Colombian waters.


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