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WorldMirziyoyev: We bow to the heroism of our fathers and grandfathers

Mirziyoyev: We bow to the heroism of our fathers and grandfathers

In connection with May 9 – the Day of Memory and Honor, President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev visited Victory Park in Tashkent.

The head of state laid flowers at the Ode to Fortitude memorial complex. This monument was erected in memory of Zulfiya Zakirova, an Uzbek woman who lost five sons during the Second World War, as well as her devoted daughters-in-law and orphaned grandchildren.

The monument is a symbol of the losses of our people in the war and their struggle for freedom. “Ode to Fortitude” is a memorial erected in honor of all mothers, women who were deprived of children, husbands and loved ones by the war.

Representatives of ministries and departments of the Armed Forces system, state and public organizations also gathered in the park. In a conversation with them, the president addressed congratulations to the Uzbek people.

“Today, standing in this Victory Park, I sincerely congratulate our esteemed veterans and all our people on this holiday. At such moments, we remember our heroic ancestors and bow before their courage. Their multifaceted life path, dedicated to the cause of peace and freedom, is a great and timeless legacy for future generations,” Shavkat Mirziyoyev said.

The head of state noted that this place reminds of the consequences of the war and the value of peace.

“Today the world is becoming more alarming. Every minute there are new challenges. Does it affect us? Definitely affects. But we are taking steps to reduce this impact on the lives of our people. With our work and unity, God willing, we will overcome these trials,” the President said.

Representatives of ministries, departments and the public also laid flowers at the foot of the memorial.

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