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EntertainmentMiss Corsica: portrait of Sandra Bak, beauty queen 2023

Miss Corsica: portrait of Sandra Bak, beauty queen 2023

MISS CORSE 2023. Corsica has elected Sandra Bak as a representative for the next Miss France contest. But who is the new queen of the island of beauty?

[Mis à jour le 29 août 2023 à 13h54] Corsica is preparing for the next Miss France election, scheduled for December 16 at the Zenith in Dijon. And the representative of the island of beauty is already known. Sandra Bak was elected Miss Corsica 2023 on July 28, during an evening held in Porticcio.

And it was not the first time that the inhabitants of Corsica could see Sandra Bak on a podium. She had indeed already participated in the election in 2020, “on a whim”. She was then ranked first runner-up, as she reminds Corse Matin. Since then, the 22-year-old has continued her studies and, after obtaining her master’s degree in teaching and education, she stood for re-election.

She was finally elected Miss, even if, as she tells the microphone of Corsenetinfo, the fact that she is not from the island does not please everyone. “There have been some remarks about my origins, because I was not born in Corsica and my last name is not of Corsican origin. But for me, Corsica has been my home since I 6 months, I grew up there, did my studies, and I have always lived there. I am Corsican at heart, and that is what matters most to me”. That is what is said.

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Miss Corse is a beauty contest which elects a representative for the Miss France election each year. Several young women apply to become the ambassador of the island of beauty. Since the creation of the competition, only one Miss Corsica has worn the Miss France crown: it is Pauline Pô, elected during the 1921 edition. Since then, no other representative of the island has won the national title.

The list of the last Miss Corsica

  • Orianne Meloni obtained the title of Miss Corsica in 2022. Originally from Ajaccio, she was a nurse at the hospital in her city during her coronation. During the Miss France 2023 election, she unfortunately did not qualify in the top 15 and therefore did not touch the coveted crown.
  • Emma Renucci obtained the coveted title of Miss Corse on July 24, 2021. This allowed her to win the ticket to participate in Miss France on December 11, 2021. Only 18 years old when she was crowned, she wanted to work in finance to become a trader. During the Miss France 2022 election, she ranked in the top 15.
  • Noemie Leca : in 2020, Noémie Leca was elected Miss Corsica. Aged 19 when she was elected, she is from Cargèse and was pursuing her studies in nursing. During the first wave of the coronavirus, the one who wanted to become an advanced practice nurse was requisitioned. In parallel with her training, Miss Corse also worked as a model. She finished in the top 15 in the Miss France 2021 election, in twelfth place.
  • Alixia Cauro : in 2019, Alixia Cauro had been chosen to represent Corsica in the Miss France 2020 election. And the 20-year-old young woman promises to distinguish herself from the other competitors. Originally from Giglio, the 20-year-old was a chemistry student in Nice, with the aim of becoming a researcher in cosmetics or perfumery. Miss Corsica 2019 stood out from her competitors on her passions, having perfect pitch and knowing how to play the saxophone and the violin, while developing a passion for lyrical singing. If she did not rank during Miss France 2020, she however won the Prize for good manners.
  • Manon Jean Mistral : in 2018, Manon Jean-Mistral wore the colors of Miss Corse. This biology student dreamed of becoming a veterinarian, after realizing her dream of being a beauty queen. She had unfortunately been noticed, with Miss Aquitaine, during the Miss France 2019 election: while behind the scenes of the TF1 show were filmed during the election, we could see on the screen Miss Corse 2018 topless , filmed without his knowledge with Miss Aquitaine.

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