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WorldMiss Ukraine changes heels for military boots and joins in defending her...

Miss Ukraine changes heels for military boots and joins in defending her country

Ukraine.- The life of hundreds of Ukrainians has changed abruptly in recent days after the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, announced a “military operation” against Ukraine that has left dozens of people without life and harrowing disasters.

The images of the attacks circulate on social networks and are devastating, crying children, families and couples saying goodbye, collapsed buildings, bodies thrown, blood, among others.

Faced with the painful situation Ukrainian Miss Anastassia LenaMiss Grand International 2015, has joined the Zeleski team and the civilians who enlist to defend their country.

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The beauty queen ditched her heels to grab a machine gun because the situation on Ukrainian lands does not improve and it is necessary to preserve the life of the people.

it was the same Anastasia who shared a photograph on his official Instagram account where he is shown wearing military boots, camouflage pants, resistant gloves, a jacket, protective glasses and a machine gun known as AK-47.

The photo has gone around the world through social networks and the miss ukrainian share any information related to Russia-Ukraine conflict to his more than 44,000 followers.

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“I beg the world for peace and health, I would like to fight with you”; “I hope life returns to normal without too many casualties”; “TOGETHER we can do everything! GLORY TO UKRAINE”, and “Soldiers fight at the front, for those who know how to fight, and civilian units support the battle and fight on the blackboard”, are some of the comments that the followers of the Miss Ukraine, Anastasia They have written to him after uploading the photograph.

Russian missile hits a large residential building in Kiev, Ukraine.

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