Thursday, 26 May 2022
WorldMore than 700,000 patients waiting for surgery in Spain

More than 700,000 patients waiting for surgery in Spain


Hundreds of thousands of patients are awaiting surgery in Spain, whose health system has been hit hard in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic.

A total of 706,740 patients are queuing for surgery in the country, which is the highest level since 2003, according to data from the Spanish Ministry of Health.

Patients mostly await surgery for traumatology, ophthalmology, and general and abdominal diseases.

The median waiting time for a patient’s surgery was 123 days.

As a result of the pandemic, as many as 6,360 Covid-19 patients received treatment at the hospital, while the bed occupancy rate for these patients in the hospital was 5.12 percent.

About 58 percent of private hospitals in Spain complain of a shortage of doctors and 95 percent of hospitals complain of a shortage of nurses.

The health workers’ association stresses that there is a similar problem in public hospitals, with first-time admissions doctors working in difficult conditions.

At the start of the pandemic, Spain was one of the hardest-hit countries grappling with several devastating waves of the pandemic.

According to the US Johns Hopkins University, Spain reported 104,456 deaths from the infectious disease, although the true number is likely much higher due to under-reporting at the start of the outbreak.

*Written by Gozde Pay

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