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Mother is sure that Aldila is married again to Indra Bekti, even though she doesn’t approve


Aldila Jelita’s mother, Marjam Abdurahman, said that her son and Indra Bekti were really back together. This was said by Marjam Abdurahman when presenting the program Pagi Pagi Ambyar on Trans TV.

“Yes, they are married, I believe they are married,” said Marjam Abdurahman, Tuesday (5/9/2023).

Marjam Abdurahman really believes that her son is back together because one of his friends congratulated him.

“Because I believe, a friend of mine said and congratulated me because your child has re-married Indra Bekti,” he continued.

Marjam Abdurahman admitted that he was very surprised by this. Even though he was very challenging for Aldila Jelita to return to Indra Bekti.

“Yes, there was a friend of mine who had sent a photo if they had remarried. I was very surprised to hear this, because I never agreed that Dila would come back with Bekti,” he said again.

Marjam Abdurahman said that Aldila Jelita, who was married to Indra Bekti for 13 years, was said to be a strong woman. Marjam Abdurahman himself admitted that he really admired the strength of his son’s heart.

“During his 13 year marriage, Dila was very strong (against Bekti). He was extraordinary. I said don’t repeat it, I have forgiven Dila but not Bekti,” he said again.

Previously, the Head of the Kebayoran Baru KUA had said about the marriage of Indra Bekti and Aldila Jelita.

“(Indra Bekti and Aldila Jelita) have (registered with KUA Kebayoran Baru),” said Mutohar Alwi, Monday (28/8/2023).

Even so, Mutohar Alwi was reluctant to confirm whether the two of them would carry out the marriage or not. The reason is because it is included in the realm of privacy.

“We cannot publish the details, because indeed if you are married it is already a state document that must be protected, what is not implemented must also be protected,” said Mutohar Alwi.

“(About Indra Bekti and Aldila Jelita getting married again) Please draw your own conclusions,” he continued.

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