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WorldMovies: Woody Allen finds love in Italy

Movies: Woody Allen finds love in Italy

Woody Allen he cannot hide the weight of the years and the controversies, he turned 88 and has a series of accusations of abuse made by his daughter, and these controversies directed the compass of his filming to Europe. The filmmaker knows, because he himself says so at the press conference, that perhaps his film “Stroke of Luck”, shot in Paris and in French, will be the last.

This does not prevent Woody from having the clarity of mind to joke from time to time and wittyly answer the questions of the journalists who received him yesterday in a warm room and with much applause at the beginning of the projection on the Lido, just like in the final credits and in the subsequent meeting, making it very clear that in Italy the scandals that have canceled the New York director in his own country do not matter.

This is Allen’s first appearance at an international festival since he went to Cannes with “Café Society” in 2016. Shortly after, he left public appearances when the accusations of abuse by his adoptive daughter Dylan Farrow were revived, which he has always denied and which in Italy seem not to have overshadowed the director’s love or credibility as in his native United States, where he has not once again obtained financing for his films.

However, as he says, he still has story ideas to shoot in New York, his favorite set, but to do them he needs “some guy to come out of the shadows and tell me he’s going to finance my movie in New York.”, will obey all my terrible restrictions, read the script without objection, give me the money, and then leave. “Then I would make the movie,” jokes Woody.

The director had not returned to Venice since 2007 when he presented one of his darkest films, “Cassandra’s Dream”, and the festival had already professed its love for him when it awarded him the Golden Lion for Career in 1995.

Let yourself be embraced by France

Definitely, “Blow of luck” marks a milestone in his filmographybecause he made a film where his protagonists say a text that he cannot understand, since he does not speak French.

The film focuses on a marriage that seems perfect, but in which the husband (Jean), an unscrupulous rich man with a suspicious job, is obsessed with his wife (Fanny). Everything gets complicated when, by chance, an old schoolmate of Fanny’s meets her again and they start a romance.

It is a film in the style of “Match Point”, but illuminated by the witty sense of humor that exalted the director.

Finally, The theme of death, also present in this story, is one that Allen does not avoid: “There is nothing you can do about it. It’s a bad business and you’re stuck in it. At the end of this film, we left the subtitle on the screen, ‘don’t think about it too much’. “That’s all you can really do is not think about it too much because there’s really no way out.”



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