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Mpok Atiek Asked to Stop Smoking by Doctor for the sake of Health


Mpok Atiek is battling a benign tumor that has lodged and taken root in his intestines. The doctor recommended surgery, but Mpok Atiek was still hesitant because of the trauma. As a result, he did alternative therapy along with doctor’s treatment.

However, there was advice from the doctor that Mpok Atiek had to follow. Namely quit smoking. He expressed this when presenting the Rumpi No Secret program on TransTV on Saturday (13/1/2024) afternoon.

“The doctor recommended that, sorry, Mpok Atiek smokes, he was advised to stop,” said Mpok Atiek.



“But has it stopped?” asked Feni Rose, the host.

Mpok Atiek only answered with a smile.

On a different occasion, Mpok Atiek again talked about his reasons for not undergoing a surgical procedure. He was traumatized because his parents died in hospital after surgery.

“Because of the trauma of the incident with the mother I mentioned earlier, the one who came home (remains name),” said Mpok Ati when met in the Mampang area, South Jakarta, recently.

“I don’t have the courage to have surgery yet,” he continued.

Even so, Mpok Atiek is optimistic that he can recover without having to undergo surgery. He seemed to surrender everything to the Almighty.

“So Mpok is very confident that this (tumor) will be cured, because other diseases, such as blood sugar, cholesterol, gout, high blood pressure are all cured, by the power of Allah,” explained Mpok Atiek.

It is known that initially Mpok Atiek often felt continuous stomach ache. Mpok Atiek felt bloated to the point of constipation in his stomach.

Not only that, Mpok Atiek also had difficulty defecating. Because he couldn’t stand it, Mpok Atiek finally went to the doctor and found out there was a tumor in his intestines.

Even though the tumor was benign, Mpok Atiek continued to take care of his health.


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