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WorldMújica assures that in Venezuela there is "an authoritarian government"

Mújica assures that in Venezuela there is “an authoritarian government”

The former president of Uruguay, Pepe Mujicahas openly supported the current president of the country, Luis Lacalle Pouafter the executive vice president of Venezuela, Delcy Rodriguezcalled him a “lackey” for criticizing the authoritarian stance of Nicolás Maduro.

“You cannot talk like that about a president of America, for convenience and diplomatic reading,” Mújica said when asked by the press. The former politician has also assured that “in Venezuela there is an authoritarian government” and has thus given his support to Lacalle, who a week ago questioned whether the next Venezuelan elections would be free.

“The misfortune of Venezuela is that it has a lot of oil and has felt surrounded. It has an authoritarian government that goes the other way. I learned this: in a besieged square, any dissident is a traitor,” said Mújica, to make things ugly. to the Venezuelan Executive to treat “people like the ortho.”

The press has insisted on asking Mújica if he considers Venezuela to be a dictatorship and the historic left-wing politician has left this reflection: “The concept of dictatorship originates in Rome. It was a decision of the Roman Empire. When the potatoes They burned, concentrated power and gave it to one guy, with a closed order, because in the moment of danger you cannot discuss. That is where the figure of dictatorship is invented,” he has argued. “In Venezuela there is an authoritarian government. If you want to call him a dictator, call him whatever you want,” he concluded.

Mújica’s words arrive in the middle of a strong diplomatic crisis between Uruguay and Venezuela. Luis Lacalle assured on February 1 that the elections in Nicolás Maduro’s country were not free and called his ambassador in Caracas for consultations a week ago to report on the “worrying events” that threaten free elections.

Afterwards, in a press conference, Lacalle assured that there is clear evidence that Venezuela is a “dictatorship” and emphasized the lack of free elections. “He who doesn’t want to say it for a reason, because if he barks, he has four legs and wags his tail, if someone doesn’t tell me that he is a dog, it must be for a reason,” he said.

These statements have further increased tension between both countries. So much so that the executive vice president of Venezuela, Delcy Rodríguez, quickly came out with a publication on social networks marked by the insults towards the Uruguayan president.

“He has the face of a lackey, he bends over and wags his tail when his masters from the north give him orders. Can anyone deny that he is Lacalle Pou? It would be better for him to attend to the problems of the people of Uruguay instead of meddling in the affairs of Venezuela The coup and extremism will not pass. No matter who it hurts, Venezuela respects itself,” Rodríguez wrote.

A publication that was also answered by Lacalle. “When there are no arguments, we resort to grievances,” he said. “Since Rodríguez is so interested in what we said, it would be necessary to justify a regime like the one they have carried out for a long time: political prisoners, elections that are not transparent…”, she replied, to demand “full democracy.” .

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