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WorldMusic: Whoa! Corridos know no borders

Music: Whoa! Corridos know no borders

In 2023 the corridos have broken into the global rankings of Spotify, the platform where the warlike corridos, lying down, perrones, those of horses and those of yesteryear live.

This movement has been gestated during the last five years, in which the global consumption of corridos has increased more than 400 percent.

The young people of Generation Z (1997-2012) have led this revolution, representing 40% of the users who listen to the genre and follow the millennials with 35% of the streams totals.

From Mexico to the world

To the rhythm of trumpets and guitars, The United States has become the second market that consumes the most corridas globally, followed by Guatemala, in the third position; Chile, in fourth, and Colombia, in fifth place.

“When I was young I loved listening to Chalino and Drake… I was very inspired by all the music in my country and in the world. I make music that I like of any genre and for me it is important that the world knows that Mexicans can also break barriers and take our music to the whole world because we are already living it and people are receiving it very well”, comments Featherweight about the boom that the genre is experiencing.

Locally, the consumption of corridos has grown more than 500% in the last five years. This genre, which has its roots in northern Mexico, has captivated listeners in big cities. Simply In Monterrey, the consumption of the genre has increased more than 360% between 2022 and 2023, in Mexico City almost 250% and in Guadalajara 180% in the same period.

Likewise, the consumption of the genre in the United States increased more than 700% in the last five years. So far in 2023, 19 songs in the genre have made it to the Global Top 50 on Spotify; two of them are songs with Featherweight and they managed to place themselves at the top of the same ranking.

The songs that have resonated the most in every corner of the world this year are:

-“She Dances Alone”, by Eslabón Armado and Featherweight.

-In second place is “Bebe Dame”, by Fuerza Regida and Grupo Frontera.

-Third place is occupied by a collaboration between two of the greatest exponents of lying down corridos: Natanael Cano and Featherweight with “PRC”.

Antonio Herrera Pérez, better known as Junior H, is a Mexican singer and songwriter of lying down corridos. COURTESY

The era of the Corrido Tumbado

In the first half of 2023, corridos tumbados conquered 77% of total Mexican music streams, meaning that for every 10 Mexican music songs listened to on Spotify, more than seven are corridos. Thanks to the new wave of artists who have imbued this constantly evolving genre with their own style, corridos have become one of the favorites of the new generations.

The most popular artists among Gen Z youth so far this year are:

  • Featherweight
  • Junior H.
  • Nathanael Cano
  • Regulated Force
  • Luis R. Conriquez

Regarding the success of corridos, Panter Bélico, one of the most promising young artists in the genre, points out: “I sing corridos because they are culture; the genre is the basis of the Mexican regional. Many years ago in Mexico corridos were interpreted as a way of taking news from one place to another. It was a way of expressing himself and still is, of giving a voice to the people, to the Mexican people. For me, corridos are a way of using the voice and I think you should never lose that because it’s part of Mexican culture and you have to take care of it more than anything.”

Experts explain that the lying corridos have a refreshing, disruptive and electric style that has definitely connected with the identity of Generation Z.

It should be noted that the artists of the lying down corridos are characterized by having a collaborative spirit; in fact, nine of the 10 most successful songs in the genre in 2023 have been collaborations.

In particular, in Mexico, four of the five most listened to corridos have Featherweight as the protagonist in collaboration with other artists.

The crown goes to “Ella Baila Sola” from Eslabón Armado and Featherweight and the podium is completed by “AMG” from Gabito Ballesteros, Natanael Cano and Featherweight and “PRC” from Natanael Cano and Featherweight.

Spotify, “The Land of the Corrido”

On Spotify live those who sing, those who listen to their tempo and those who tell the stories that make history. For this reason, through the “La Tierra del Corrido” hub within the platform, users have the opportunity to discover the artists and songs that marked the path of the corridos to reach what they are today.

Chalino Sánchez, Los Tucanes de Tijuana, El As de la Sierra, Los Canelos de Durango and Valentín Elizalde are the legends of the corrido that Generation Z listeners have listened to the most during 2023.

In fact, “Amor Platónico” by Los Tucanes de Tijuana, “Nieves de Enero” by Chalino Sánchez and “Alma Enamorada” by Banda Brava and Chalino Sánchez are the three traditional songs that have made the youngest fall in love.

foto tumbados 1.jpg 158021514

Panter Bélico, his real name is Arturo González, was born in the United States, but Mexican culture is rooted in him because his family is originally from Sinaloa. COURTESY

The power of streaming

Undoubtedly, streaming has played a very significant role in the growth of corridos, “since without the evolution that digital platforms have had to be able to take our music in this easy way and within the reach of all our audiences worldwide , it would not be possible what we are experiencing. The fact of being able to be on the lists of the most listened to and be part of playlists with great value and influence, has brought our culture, our work and our name to global recognition.”, comments the singer Gabito Ballesteros.

imagen peso pluma.jpg 629077261

Hassan Emilio Kabande Laija, known as Featherweight, is a Mexican singer-songwriter. His international fame began in 2022, after collaborating with singers such as Luis R Conriquez, Natanael Cano and Eslabón Armado. COURTESY


Corridos songs with the most streams during 2023 in Mexico

1. “She Dances Alone” – Armed Link, Featherweight.
2. “AMG” – Gabito Ballesteros, Natanael Cano, Featherweight.
3. “PRC” – Nathanael Cano, Featherweight.
4. “El Azul” – Junior H and Featherweight.
5. “Weekend” – Junior H, Oscar Maydon.

Corridos songs with the most streams globally (outside of Mexico and the United States)

1. “She Dances Alone” – Armed Link and Featherweight.
2. “Bebe Dame” – Fuerza Regida and Grupo Frontera.
3. “PRC” – Natanael Cano and Featherweight.
4. “AMG” – Gabito Ballesteros, Natanael Cano and Featherweight.
5. “Que Vuelvas” – Carin Leon and Grupo Frontera.
Collaborative corridos songs with the most streams in 2023
1. “She Dances Alone” – Armed Link and Featherweight.
2. “AMG” – Gabito Ballesteros, Natanael Cano and Featherweight.
3. “PRC” – Natanael Cano and Featherweight.
4. “Bebe Dame” – Fuerza Regida and Grupo Frontera.
5. “Que Vuelvas” – Carin Leon and Grupo Frontera.
6. “El Azul” – Junior H and Featherweight.
7. “Weekend” – Junior H and Oscar Maydon.
8. “Ch and the Pizza” – Fuerza Regida and Natanael Cano.
9. “The Fat Man Brings the Command” – Chino Pacas.
10. “What Agony” – Yuridia and Ángela Aguilar.

Traditional corridos songs with the most streams (by Generation Z) in 2023

1. “Platonic Love” – Los Tucanes de Tijuana.
2. “January Snow” – Chalino Sánchez, Los Amables del Norte.
3. “Soul in Love” – ​​Banda Brava and Chalino Sánchez.
4. “La Chona” – The Toucans of Tijuana.
5. “Golden Deck” – Chalino Sánchez.
6. “Los Chismes” – Chalino Sánchez and Los Amables del Norte.
7. “Mirrating” – The Toucans of Tijuana.
8. “Kidnapping of Love” – ​​Los Tucanes de Tijuana.
9. “The Centennial” – The Toucans of Tijuana.
10. “Las Heladas” – The Toucans of Tijuana.



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